Hangover Cure Magic Drops: A. Vogel Milk Thistle Complex Drops Review


Nobody likes a hangover do they? We all despise them but we all overindulge ourselves at one time or another and those ‘few’ drinks after work turn into a god awful headache the next day. We never ever ever ever learn!


Healthcare store, Jan de Vries kindly sent me a bottle of their A. Vogel Milk Thistle Complex Drops to try out. I’d heard about milk thistle and the hangover-curing properties it possessed so was always intrigued. Anything that promises to ease the effects of the night before can be nothing but a good thing. But honestly, I just presumed that good old paracetamol and a strong coffee was the only thing that would get me through a dreaded hangover, and that natural or herbal remedies just wouldn’t cut it.


These drops are advertised as ‘cleansing and detoxifying’ and to ‘support liver protection and function’; two things that certainly aren’t bad properties. So with a dubious outlook I decided to give them a shot over a month and a half so I could write an accurate review of whether or not I’d recommend them and because I knew I had lots of 21st birthdays and a hen do in Poland to really put them through their paces. The directions stated to add 15 to 20 drops to a little water twice daily so I started to take this first thing in the morning and last thing at night and was excited to see if these drops would do anything worth talking about.



My first night two nights out I didn’t really notice a huge difference, but by the fourth week of taking these drops my hangovers were definitely less savage and even if I did wake up with a bit of a headache, this was normally gone by late morning, which usually before taking these drops, would last until late evening. Nausea and indigestion is normally the main things I suffer with when I’m hungover so I’m usually eating rennies like sweeties; but these milk thistle drops did seem to settle my stomach and reduce these symptoms quite a bit. The drops do taste a bit funny but it’s not a particularly bad taste, sort of like a mild antiseptic/medicated mouthwash.


I tend to just take these drops two days before and after when I know I’m going to be going out drinking and it has the desired effect, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to continually take these daily. The drops did seem to make my hangover that bit less painful, and whether this was because they were genuinely protecting my liver or because of a placebo effect, I’m not really that bothered because it made me feel a little less zombie-like which is always a plus. Lots of other people have said that milk thistle is their go-to for hangovers, so give it a try for yourself and make your own mind up. Check out another herbal remedy I reviewed: the A. Vogel Horse Chestnut Gel for restless and aching legs here.


So would I continue to use these magic drops? Verdict: yes, anything that will make me feel any less awful after a night on the tiles is a winner from me!


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