I finally found a cure to my restless legs: A. Vogel Venagel Review


Jan de Vries contacted me via my blog and kindly sent me some products to test out and review, and how could I say no? And even better, these products were aimed to help the fellow restless leg sufferer. This review has taken a while to upload because I wanted to give the product a good go before I gave you guys any of my thoughts on it!


One of the products Jan de Vries sent me was the A. Vogel Venagel Horse Chestnut Gel which promised to ‘help cool, soothe and relieve legs that feel tired, heavy and uncomfortable’. Heavy and restless legs is something I really struggle with, especially at night, so this was a product I was actually pretty excited to try out.



I followed the directions on the box and applied 2-3 times a day in an upwards motion, especially around ankles and particularly uncomfortable areas and I was pleasantly surprised. It had a cooling sensation when I first slathered it on which did provide a bit of instant relief after 5 days of festival fun, which definitely took its toll after standing watching bands all day and dancing about all night.



I kept applying the gel after long shifts at work where I’m on the shop floor all day, and like before, my legs felt soothed and a whole lot less uncomfortable. I tend to keep it in my bedside table to pop on when I wake up with really restless achy legs that normally keeps me up at night, but this gel helps me to drift back to sleep a lot quicker after calming my super annoying legs down!


The only downside to the product is that it does smell quite strongly, almost like alcohol, but it does go away after a wee while, so if this doesn’t bother you too much then I’d definitely suggest giving this product a try. This gel is 100% going to be on my shopping list for the foreseeable future, and definitely for both during and post festival to help me recover that bit quicker. Check out another herbal remedy I reviewed: A. Vogel’s Milk Thistle Complex Drops here.


Has anyone else tried it? What did you think? Let me know!


Disclaimer: any opinions and statements are my own and any collaborations/paid promotion will be stated within the blog post.

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