Leather Ivy’s New Look: All Thanks to Blogerize


So you may have noticed that my blog looks a little different than it did when I started, and that’s all thanks to a Laura Walker and the team at Blogerize. I’d been super unhappy with the layout and overall look of my blog for a while but being a bit of technophobe when it comes to graphic design and particularly coding I felt super stuck with my what my options were to change my site up a bit, so I was over the moon when Laura from Blogerize contacted me to give me the chance to collaborate with them. Turns out she’d tried to contact me previously but the contact form on my blog wasn’t set up properly, (told you I was rubbish with the whole computer malarkey), so I was super grateful that she didn’t give up and tried contacting me that second time. So, Blogerize proposed that they would makeover my blog and the layout and colour scheme and all the other design bits and bobs free of charge, only for one wee blog post reviewing my experience in return, so this is exactly what this post is about.


I was sceptical to begin with as it seemed too good to be true because you rarely get something for nothing, but after quite a bit of research and contact with other bloggers who had used Blogerize in the past, everything seemed legit and professional so I was only too happy to get going and accept their offer. The whole process was super easy and Laura was super helpful, even when I bombarded her with a thousand questions, and she asked about my preferences for logo, graphics, font, etc. and followed everything to my exact words. I even asked if they could change a few things and that was no bother for them, and it was all completed in about a week after emailing back and forward. Blogerize provide a free online course as well to help you improve your blog and covers loads of different content, so even just to brush up on your blogging skills it’s well worth a look!


Overall I can say that I was really really pleased with my Blogerize experience and anyone who feels their blog is lacking in some way, the Blogerize site does have a lot of help available, and a fab team on hand to help you out.


Has anyone else used Blogerize to makeover their blog? I’d love to know what your experiences were, equally if you have any questions about it, feel free to give me a quick message via my contact form!

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