My 2018 Fashion Goals


Every year we go through the same rigmarole; make resolutions, break resolutions, and vow never to repeat this cycle. But surprise surprise, we do. Every. Damn. Time.

Fashion goals seem a lot more fun to attempt to stick to (definitely more than the usual get fit or clean eating resolutions). Lately I’ve been a bit lazy with my style choices due to spending most of my time in coffee-stained hoodies in the library, so 2018 is going to be the year I try my best to consistently be ruthless with my style and banish laziness.


Risky Business

Image by Godisable Jacob

Sometimes taking risks pays off, sometimes it really really doesn’t (but the photos will give you a hell of a laugh 10 years down the line). I need to stop playing it safe and just buy a pair of those PVC trousers I’ve always fancied after seeing them in Harper’s Bazaar, and embrace a pair of knee high snakeskin boots that I’ve had my eyes on. I would kill for these Bowie-esque McQueen pair but unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch quite that far. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes and definitely too short to worry about a less than flattering fashion choice.


Lighten Up

Image by Kris Atomic

Anyone who knows me knows I’m no stranger to an all-black combo and whenever I’m scouring shop racks I always always gravitate towards the monochrome section. It’s time for me to face my colour-phobia straight on and start to embrace more colours in my wardrobe. I’ve always loved classic yellow raincoats like this Stutterheim one, but never actually treated myself to one, but I maybe should (especially living in Scotland where it’d definitely fulfill its true potential).


Old is Gold

Image by Shanna Camilleri

I’m constantly buying new outfits for occasions and on the night, always end up going back to an old faithful LBD (see one of my favourites styled here). Not to mention the penny savings, but there’s something so satisfying about finding that one item that just fits you perfectly and works for every occasion. There’s no shame in reworking a dress for more than one occasion, who cares if you wore it to that other party last year? Who cares if you wore it to a wedding the year before that? Who actually cares that there’s already a load of photos of you on insta in that exact dress? Pair that old faithful with a new set of statement earrings (check out some of the best here) new clutch, or set of funky pumps and you’re golden.


Check out my last New Years Style Resolutions blog post here.

What are your style goals for 2018? Are there any you managed to keep in 2017?

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