Savvy Skin Saver: Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream


Hello again! I haven’t been too active on the blog lately due to having mountains of deadlines to meet, a super busy retail period and all the usual festive night out shenanigans. So, a wee break was definitely a good idea to focus on all that.

After all this my skin is left looking a little unloved and under the weather, so I knew I had to take action. My skin was feeling tight and parched, and every cream I seemed to put on irritated my sensitive skin. Nivea is one of those brands that I always feel is ‘safe’, its familiar clean smell makes me think of when I was little so its kind of comforting and seemed like a good choice to soothe my tired aching skin. Boy was I right!

I tried Nivea’s Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream for Normal and Combination Skin and it worked an absolute treat. It came in its iconic blue tub with its simple white font and had a thick creamy texture which meant a little went a long way. With this product, its easy to use too much which leaves you feeling a little oily, but as its a night cream it soaks in during the night so its not too much of a problem. Also, if you get the cream in your eye it stings like hell (I rubbed my eyes straight after application).

From the first application my skin felt soothed, and within 3 days my dry skin had completely cleared up and felt soft and supple again. Definitely a product I’d recommend for sensitive skin and is a plain cream which is a total must in winter for guys and gals! I’ve also been using this on my hands at night too lately and its been working amazingly.

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What are your favourite skincare rescue products?

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