Boots Bontanics All Bright Skincare Review 

If there’s three things you should really look after it is your skin, hair and your teeth, so I am constantly searching for my number one skincare range which suits my skin perfectly. When I saw Boots Botanics range I was attracted by the packaging and the fact that the range was a result of a collaboration with Kew Gardens and promised ‘natural skincare’ so I popped one of everything I thought I needed into my basket. The range has actually been repackaged so look a little different, but I according to Boots the formula is still the same!  I’ve reviewed the products in the order that I like to use them.

Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

This stuff is remarkable! It is a water and oil mixture so you really have to shake it to get it to mix before you use it but it simply melts makeup and you wipe it away. It doesn’t have that horrible stinging sensation a lot of eye makeup removers have either so it’s perfect for sensitive skin!

Gentle Cleansing Cream

I love this product, it has a gorgeous creamy texture and is great at removing makeup like foundation and concealer (especially paired with these maxi cotton pads). I like to follow this Cream with this B. Pure micellar water to remove all of the residue before moisturising. See the Fleurance Nature micellar water I reviewed here.

Purifying Face Scrub

This face scrub has a lovely fresh scent and the exfoliating beads are just gritty enough to leave your skin feeling baby soft but not red raw. There’s nothing worse than a scrub which is super gentle and does absolutely nothing but I was pleasantly surprised by this one and is probably the best scrub I’ve ever used. I like to use it before a face wash to make sure the bubbles really penetrate my pores and I get a deep clean.

Cleansing Foam Wash

This face wash is super gentle on your face while effective in removing grime, although I must say I’d prefer something a little stronger as if you have oily skin then this isn’t going to cut the mustard and you may be left feeling a little grimy still, but paired with the cleansing cream it works well for me.The scent is the main thing that put me off this product. It smells kind of like hand soap and not like a face wash which I found off putting but this scent may appeal to others.

5 in 1 Amazing Eyes Roll On

Okay so technically this product isn’t part of the ‘All Bright’ range but certainly brightens my eyes and makes me feel and look more refreshed and awake. It is part of the ‘Radiant Youth’ range and it contains a small roller ball with a concealer on it which is mega relaxing on tired eyes and adds a little colour to under eye bags which is always a bonus!

What’s your favourite skincare brand or go-to product? Check out my Nivea skincare review here.

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