Travelling is a Must. Style is Key.

When I studied abroad I did a lot of travelling, so naturally, I learnt what does and doesn’t work when travelling in terms of clothing and outfit choice. So I thought I’d share my findings with you right in time for any of you jetting off for a pre-christmas break or those students escaping the city on their reading weeks.


Comfort is Key

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You’re potentially going to be sitting around for hours in airports, stations, trains or airplanes, so you want to feel unrestricted and comfortable. Leggings are a girls best friends in this respect – stretchy, warm and a little more dressy than jogging bottoms (although I love these ones from Calvin Klein). Plus, subscribe here and get 10% off!


Layers, Layers, (and More Layers)

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Layering up is a good idea when travelling as when you are rushing around and carrying luggage you can feel warm and overheat, whereas aircraft cabins air conditioning can be cold and leave you feeling chilly. So pair leggings with an oversized tee like this one from Adidas (steal one from your boyfriend if you don’t have your own), a comfy cardigan or jumper and throw in a blanket scarf for good measure (if can double up as a pillow or blanket for snoozing). This means depending on the temperature you can alter your clothing to what feels best for you.


Heels Are a Definite No-Go

Image by Can Anh Khai

I know magazines are filled with the likes of Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian teetering through the airport in their sky-high stilettos but honestly it’s unrealistic. Maybe the rest of you are better women than me but I sure as hell can’t do it and neither should you, not when there’s plenty funky trainer options for you to explore (like these gorgeous platform ones from Puma). You’re going to be on your feet all day and you can use this as an excuse to experiment with trainers or comfy sandals (if you’re heading somewhere hot) like these super cute Lily Lulu ones.


Handbag Essentials

Image by STIL

As for your carry-on luggage, stick to an oversized slouch  or shopper bag, like this one from Oliver Bonas which is big enough to carry all of your belongings you will need, while still adhering to the airline’s carry-on guidelines (check this before you go).

Essentials include: a good book, iPod, face wipes, lip balm, sunglasses and a bottle of water.


Always be prepared and read my post on my handbag essentials here.

What are your globe-trotting tips?

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