Clean Your Act Up

Clean your act up

If you’re like most women, you have makeup palettes as old as the hills that you just can’t bear to part with; and you rarely put any thought to the cleanliness of your makeup brushes (either did I until I did some serious investigating online). Well here’s the bad news: this isn’t good for your health, and you are encouraging bacteria and fungus to grow on your makeup and your brushes which could easily lead to  irritations, infections and pesky pimples.


Bin that dried out mascara

Makeup is like food, it expires, so you should really throw out makeup which is past its prime as these products will no longer be as effective and could really effect your health. The expiry time of a product can be seen on most products and is displayed by an open jar symbol. You can hold onto dry products like powders and eyeshadows longer than liquid products like foundations and lipglosses, and especially liquid eyeliners and mascaras which should be binned every 3 months. Your eyes are so sensitive and easily irritated, so don’t chance it: bin that dried out mascara you’ve been hoarding for a year (I don’t care how expensive it was!).

You can see the expiry guidelines for your various beauty bits here, as stated by Best Health Magazine.


Give your brushes the deep clean treatment

See this set on Polyvore


As for your makeup brushes, you should clean them weekly to keep them in tip top condition and help your skin remain clear. I use an Eco Tools brush cleansing shampoo along with this dupe for the Real Techniques brush cleansing palette from Primark for only £1.50! It definitely gives your brushes a deeper clean and actually makes the whole process a whole lot quicker, but if I’m in a rush or just want to give my brushes a freshen up in between washes I’ll use this makeup brush cleaner spray from B.


Which products do you use to keep your makeup kit squeaky clean?

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