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I am born and bred in the North East of Scotland, so I’m no stranger to the cold, but Enschede (where I am currently studying) is FREEZING, even by my standards! So lately my hands have been super dry and chapped; craving thick, soothing creams packed with moisture, so I decided to pick up some hand cream on my travels to uni in an attempt to soothe my thirsty skin.

I spotted the PS… Manuka Honey Hydrating Moisturising Hand Cream in Primark, as the chic and simple packaging caught my eye while browsing the array of nail polishes (which are also amazing value for money). For €1.50 I thought it would be worth a shot.

The packaging is uncomplicated and comprises of a silver metal looking tube (actually plastic), with a screw top and a yellow label which has a distinctly ‘organic’ look to it, much like the packaging used by more expensive ethical brands such as Burt’s Bees or The Body Shop. Although, reading the ingredients on the back, there doesn’t seem to be anything too organic or natural about it.



In terms of texture it is rather thick when you first apply but sort of melts into a luxurious cream which is easy to rub in and sinks into skin quickly, leaving hands covered with a protective moisturising layer, while not leaving a greasy texture which most hand creams I have tried do, and I hate! This quality is much like The Body Shop’s body butters which I reviewed here and are another of my winter/cold weather essentials. The scent is gorgeously sweet and rather strong when first applied, but fades into a subtle and mellow smell exactly like honey which I adore.


You do need to use more of this cream in comparison to thicker alternative such as this one from The Body Shop, but at €1.50 for 30ml you can use as much as you want without putting too much of a strain on your budget. It isn’t as moisturising for severely chapped hands (for that, I recommend Aveeno hand cream with Colloidal Oatmeal). I did notice that Primark have a similar hand cream that is an argan oil intensive hand cream which may be better for really weather beaten hands (I’m going to try to find some), but for everyday application to prevent dry hands the PS…Manuka Honey Hyrdrating Hand Cream is a great product!


What’s your favourite hand product or winter must-have?

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