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Just over a week until the year comes to an end, the day which promises fresh starts and new beginnings, the day where everyone promises to do better than they did the year before. You know the score. January 1st, the gyms are chockablock with hundreds of women all filled with motivation and all promising this year will be the year they finally shift the pounds and get the perfect bikini body. But by January 5th or 6th this number has dwindled and the majority of the once-eager women have given up or simply realised they cannot find the time to accomplish their goal in amongst their busy lives.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. New Year’s resolutions always start out with good intentions, but every year we make them and every year we break them. But we can all vow to make a few small simple changes (3 to be exact) and stick to them, all in pursuit of better style.


1. Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist

How many pairs of knickers do you really need? Probably a lot less than you own. I am a self-confessed underwear-junkie, I have thousands of pairs of pants, thousands of bras and even a few too many unflattering shapewear items. Underwear is the staple and base layer of any great outfit, so chuck out those ill-fitting bras with the underwire poking out; those knickers with the exhausted elastic and those hideous beige shapewear garments which do you no favours.

Underwear should make you feel good, invest in some high quality base pieces in nude, black and white (although not the most glamorous, M&S is my favourite for staple undies), and also some pretty undies to boost your confidence and make you feel pretty on your down days (Boux Avenue is great for these, as is Fig Leaves).


2. I have nothing to wear!

Why is it you never have anything to wear but your wardrobe is bursting at the seams? It’s simple. You have too many clothes cluttering your vision and the majority of these you either haven’t or won’t wear. So why are you hanging onto them? Yes, parting with clothing can be painful as many garments hold special memories, some are just deliciously comfy, and some are just too extortionately expensive to let go of (even though you’ve never worn it and probably never will). 

Donate all clothing you have not worn in the past year to your local charity shop, you’ll be surprised what a weight is taken off your shoulders from having less clutter, it will make your vision clearer when putting together outfits, and also you’ll be gaining yourself some good karma! If you are a fellow shopaholic, I find that doing a minimal clear out every 2 months or so helps me keep on top of my wardrobe and feel less overwhelmed by an overcrammed closet. Another tip I find that really encourages me to keep my clothes organised and really just makes your wardrobe look a whole lot better is to invest in matching hangers; like these budget-friendly ones from Ikea and these padded ones from Laura Ashley which are great for all your more delicate mesh and lace pieces.


3. Lets Get Back to Basics

Every girl needs some basic staple pieces in her wardrobe which are both classic and timeless. Make sure you have these essential items to ensure you always have something to wear and  One of the most important is a pair of black jeans which flatters your figure and are super comfy to wear – skinnies are my style of choice as they go with everything. My favourite being Topshop’s Joni jeans which are super soft and super comfy. A white t-shirt is a great staple piece which can be dressed up or down, especially if it is made of a more formal fabric such as silk like this gorgeous one from YSL. It creates a classic look which is fresh and minimalistic but can be paired with a jazzy statement necklace for a more daring look.

There’s no argument that a little black dress will be one of the most frequently worn garments in your wardrobe, from an evening dinner date to the office Christmas party; the LBD will remain loyal and see you through every last-minute outfit stress and keep you feeling fabulous. That’s why it’s essential that this dress makes you feel confident and fits and flatters your body shape well. It is a piece that is worth spending a pretty penny on because I promise it’ll be worth it. I love this dress from Coast –  it’s classic vintage-inspired shape, length and bardot neckline will remain classic yet chic throughout the years.



What are your NYE resolutions?

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