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Faux fur is everywhere at the moment, from the usual garments such as coats and stoles, to more unusual items such as shoes and jewellery. I love faux fur in winter, it just makes everything seem a little more cosy, and as for the aesthetic; a little more luxurious. There are many ethical and moral issues associated with real fur, not to mention the sheer expense of it. This means many people will not and cannot wear genuine animal hide garments, so an alternative had to be found.


Fabrics have come a long way, so you no longer have to rely on real animal fur to get this timeless look; instead you can fake the ‘real deal’ with the huge range of faux fur pieces available on the high street. The difference in aesthetic between real and fake fur is tiny; but the difference in price is huge; so save your pennies and the planet by investing in some of these fabulous faux fur pieces – and to make things even sweeter, all of these pieces are under £30!

I love the yellow mittens from Urban Outfitters so these will definitely be going on my Christmas wishlist, as will the the howl husky backpack from Lamoda; which would be perfect for carrying all my bits and bobs to and from uni. One of 2016’s biggest faux fur trends has definitely been the faux fur keyring. These been positioned at till points of nearly every high street retailer as a tempting impulse purchase; and seen adorning an array of handbags and purses; a particular favourite charm of River Island.


Want to get your hands on any of these faux fur beauties? Just click one of the thumbnails below.


Check out this set and many others on my Polyvore page.
What faux-fur items are you lusting over this season?
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