The Winter Beauty Essential You Need: Body Shop Body Butters

Wrap up ladies!  Winter is well and truly underway. As temperatures drop, and the need to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and binge-watch an entire Netflix series dramatically rises, more often than not, the all too familiar signs of dry skin begin to appear.

I have the most temperamental skin known to man. One day it’s too dry, the next too oily. There never seems to be a healthy balance. Although in the winter my skin is always super thirsty and craves moisture. I’ve tried hundreds of different lotions, creams and body butters over the years and none have stolen a place in my heart as much as The Body Shop’s body butters. Alternatives always seem to be too greasy, too thick, too thin, clog my pores horrendously or have headache-inducing scents.

These body shop body butters have just the right consistency where they are luxuriously thick so ultra-moisturising which is great for giving your skin a much needed moisture boost in the cold weather. Despite being thick and creamy, these butters melt straightaway onto your skin into a weightless cover. I hate the sticky feeling of thick greasy lotions, but these butters are a godsend to avoid this while still giving your skin the pampering it needs during the winter months. These body butters are a fantastic price starting at only £6, and they last for ages as a little goes a long way.

Not to mention, the scents of these butters are to die for, from raspberry, to cocoa, to olive oil, you’re almost guaranteed to find a scent you love. Personally, my favourites are the raspberry, passionfruit or honeymania flavours.

I strongly recommend getting your hands on a few of these pots here and pampering yourself after a long hot bath on a winter’s evening, or just as a mid-morning pick me up.

What are your winter beauty essentials?

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