What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say charity shop?

Is it a musty dimly-lit shop splitting at the seams, full of your grandmother’s moth-ridden cast-offs, dodgy sequinned 80s spandex pieces and jumbles of tacky plastic costume jewellery? Or is it a glorious treasure trove filled to the brim with nostalgic vintage garments, high street bargains, and the occasional designer rarity just waiting to be discovered?

Sure, its not all great quality pieces and there certainly is a lot of tat, but if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and have a good rummage around you can unearth numerous unusual and unique garments, and not to mention, for a fantastic price. The uncertainty and inconsistency of charity shops is what gives them their unique charm and entertainment factor.

Many charity shops have become increasingly aware of the growing popularity of charity shops due to everyone being that little bit more strapped for cash. In a reaction to this many are now taking on a ’boutique’ feel and paying much more attention to things like visual merchandising and interior design inside their stores to create a much more inviting and glamorous space.

Apart from the pocket-friendly prices, charity shops are supporting fantastic causes so why not treat yourself while helping someone else along the way? Plus, buying clothes second hand also helps support the slow fashion movement and is a more ethical way to freshen up your wardrobe.

Take a look at a few of the beauties I have uncovered in charity shops, proving there are really some fantastic fashion opportunities just waiting to be found. About a year ago I found my black crocodile Kurt Geiger boots were brand new with tags in their original box for the bargain price of £10!

Aberdeen has it’s fair share of charity shops like every city, especially in the Rosemount area, so take an hour or two to stroll around a few of them and see what hidden gems you can uncover. You never know what you will come across…

What glorious treasures have you found? Let me know!

Fashion Management graduate from Aberdeen with a passion for quirky vintage fashion, trying new beauty products, and funky interiors.
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