Dr Martens 1490 Stud Boots


Anyone who even vaguely knows me knows I am OBSESSED with Dr Martens. It’s a rare occurrence to ever see me in a pair of shoes or trainers, it’s almost always boots. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always just favoured boots over shoes, and Dr Martens over any other footwear brand.


So I was wandering along Princes’ Street one day and spotted the most glorious pair of DMs (the 1490 Stud Boot) I’d ever seen in the Dr Marten store and knew I had to go in for a closer look, but told myself that I wasn’t trying them on because currently working as an intern certainly doesn’t give me any financial authority to be treating myself as often as I have been (oops). I didn’t try them on but couldn’t stop thinking about them over the weekend and got up super early before work to pop into town to get them before being told they’re not released until the next weekend so they shouldn’t have been on display and can’t be sold until then.



I bloody knew I should’ve bought the the first day I saw them, it was a SIGN! Edinburgh was on a ‘red alert’ weather warning and we were all told to stay at home, but blizzard or no blizzard I was getting those boots (everyone else seemed a bit dramatic to be honest). So Saturday came and I fought my way into town and finally got my hands on them, and honestly can say they’re the best pair of boots I’ve ever bought (despite the fairly high price tags for a student). You’ll catch me looking for a bargain with any other item of clothing, apart from leather jackets and Docs, I’ll always part with my pennies because they are well well worth it (I swear to god these boots will see me out).



The platform sole on these bad boys surprisingly add a lot of warmth which you definitely need in Scotland and the stud detail makes them a bit edgier and different from any other pair I own, and I’m hoping the studs do not come off too easily. Although, this added bulk does make them a bit more heavy than your standard docs,  and honestly, I did feel like my legs got a bit of a workout for the first few wears, but these haven’t been too bad to break in at all, especially in comparison to my cherry red 1460s which seem to be a never ending feat. I pair my DMs with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, you name it they’ll go (but don’t work miracles for chunky legs and knobbly knees – see above).



What’s your fave choice of footwear? Or does anyone else have any tips for breaking them in?

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